Natsu Mura Karate & Kobudo Dojo was founded by Joyce Stech on the principle that we are not here to learn only for ourselves...what we learn we are entrusted to share with others. To excel to our fullest potential is to allow others the ability to excel to their fullest potential.

The Okinawans will say the most important thing about a true martial artist is known by their "kokoro". Americans have interpreted this to mean their "heart"...however it is much more than that. To understand "kokoro" you must understand truth and the person's essence.

125 S. Main Street, Summerville, SC
843– 875– 4543     843- 870-4462

We involve the culture, history, principles and concepts of the old Okinawan traditional martial arts. Our dojo is not for everyone yet it is for every age. It is for those that seek the true art, its form and concepts.

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